Precise. Economical. Flexible.

FS 800

The intelligent cutter - ideal for the meat industry, commercial kitchens and catering suppliers.

With the new generation of the FS 800, you are at the cutting edge of technology. Sophisticatedly designed for tough everyday use, it achieves precise cutting results. The integrated touchscreen offers exceptionally intuitive operation and user guidance.

The FS 800 easily slices bone-in products such as meat, chops, neck or boneless products such as bacon, steaks, roulades, sausages, cold cuts, cheese and fish. The innovative concept also allows the processing of frozen products down to approx. -8°C. The FS 800 is also ideal for portioning cooked and processed products such as roasts, fish and meat loafs.

Immediately usable without long training periods for the staff.

  • Easy familiarisation thanks to intuitive programming
  • Full-HD touch screen facilitates input and display
  • 100 programmes can be saved
  • Highest level of security
  • Network connection for remote maintenance
  • Update and recipe management

High accuracy even with products containing bone thanks to MHS micro toothing.

  • Up to 300 slices/minute in scanning mode
  • Up to 400 slices/minute without scanning mode
  • Automatic ejection of the remaining piece thanks to pneumatic gripper
  • Automatic flap opener
  • Precise feed due to friction-reducing surface
  • Optimised hold thanks to adjustable side holder and adjustable gripper
  • Integrated scales ensure precise cutting results

The design minimises dirt deposits and simplifies cleaning.

  • The open structure improves accessibility for quick and effective cleaning.
  • Up to 400 cuts/minute
  • Integration into the production process by cutting in groups
  • Fanning and separating the products in conjunction with the outfeed belt
  • Adjustable weight per slice and packaging
  • Optional discharge conveyor in various lengths
  • A variety of different products can be cut

slices bone-in products such as:

  • meat, chops, neck...

or boneless products such as:

  • bacon, steaks, roulades, sausages, cold cuts, cheese, fish...

but also frozen products down to approx. -8°C
and cooked and processed products such as:

  • roasts, fish, meat loafs...
  FS 800
Max. input length (in mm) 800
Cross section mm (WxH) 260 x 160
Dimensions (WxDxH)
W with Belt
3300 x 1460 x 1720
4380 x 1460 x 1720
Connection (other voltage on request) 3 x 400 V + PE + N / 50 - 60 Hz / 11,5 kW
Weight (in kg) 1500
Performance slices/minute 300 (scanning mode), 400
Slice thickness (mm) from 0,5
Suitability industry
Flap start yes
Return travel limit yes
Distribution of remaining slice yes
Section software yes

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