High-quality. Practically. Fast.

Electric sausage slicer CW 1.1

High performance with easy cleaning – the sausage slicer from MHS turned into a common denominator. Ideal for snack bars, fast-food and motorway restaurants, this slicer is designed for user-friendliness down to the finest detail.

The slicer is equipped as standard with a double-sickle blade, achieving a throughput of up to 500 slices per minute.

It is operated by means of a contact switch at the outlet.

Easy to use and quickly cleaned

The electric sausage slicer is manufactured entirely in stainless steel. Thanks to its sophisticated design, cleaning can be carried out quickly and completely hygienically.

High-quality. Practically. Fast.

Manual sausage slicer 11003.VA

The manual sausage slicer is tailored to the needs of snack-bar businesses with regard to function, design, construction and price. 

The base frame and clamp are made of impact-resistant polyethylene plastic, and the blade and cutting frame consist of stainless steel. The drawing cut produced by the perfect fit of the cutter clamp with the blade frame ensures clean and even slices.

  Electric sausage slicer CW 1.1 Manual sausage slicer 11003.VA
Cutting length in mm 16 17
slices / min up to 500 -
Propulsion Geared motor, 220 V -
Dimensions (WxHxD) in cm 190 x 320 x 210 209 x 205 x 300
Weight (in kg) 7 2,5
Working width in mm - 245

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