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The Extra Powerfull - Ideal for the meat industry

High-quality display, intuitive software. The PCE series EM is characterized by a modern touch screen. The software is perfectly matched to the machine and allows you to make a wide range of settings. In addition, helpful information about the cutting process and the condition of the machine can be called up.

The PCE EM slices easily bone-in products such as meat, chops, neck or boneless products such as pork belly, roulades, roasts, sausages, cold cuts and cheese.

Immediately usable without long training periods for the staff.

  • Clear touch display
  • Up to 100 programs can be stored
  • Highest safety level
  • Optional step-by-step or continuous feed for uniform slices
  • Automatic starting device
  • Software update and data backup via USB stick/SD card

Cut your products fast, precise and reliable.

  • Up to 500 slices/minute
  • High cutting accuracy of the blade due to MHS micro toothing
  • 3-section portioning software
  • Shorter cycles thanks to automatic return limiter
  • Exact feed due to friction-reducing surface
  • Optimized hold of the product by adjustable gripper (optional for PCE 70/100-21 EM)
  • Residual slice division for slicing the product without residues

Easy and fast cleaning.

  • Good accessibility to the individual components
  • Easy to clean without tools in just a few steps

Perfectly matched to your needs.

  • Different versions in product length and cross section
  • Height-adjustable conveyor in different lengths optionally available
  • Optionally available with plastic or stainless steel flaps
  • Optionally with reinforced drive for beef products containing bones, e.g. T-bone steaks (only PCE 70/100-25 EM)
  • Automatic gripper with ejector for the rest piece (optional)
  • Adjustment of belt speed during portioning
  • Involvement in the production process through slicing in groups
  • Optionally available with underfloor belt for improved production flow
  • Machines on rollers (PCE 70/100-21 EM and optional for -25, -30, -36)
  • Water nozzles for blade cleaning during slicing (optional)
  • Slicing fresh boneless and bone-in meat products frozen to -4°C into uniform slices
  • Slicing cooked products, sausage and cheese
  • Slice thickness from 1-32 mm and optionally from 1-50 mm possible
  • Optional with double blade for cutting butterfly steaks (only for PCE 70/100-21 and -25 EM)
  • Shingling and separation of products in conjunction with a conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

The height-adjustable conveyor belt enables the sliced ​​goods to be fanned and portioned. The conveyor belt is available in different lengths.


Large selection of blades

For cutting fresh, frozen to - 4°C, boneless and bone-in meat products into even slices. Likewise cooked products, sausage and cheese. Double blade for cutting butterfly steaks, among other things.


Water cleaning

Blade cleaning during the cut by water jets - especially for fish products.

  PCE 70-21 EM PCE 100-21 EM PCE 70-25 EM PCE 100-25 EM PCE 70-36 EM
Max. input length (in mm) 760 (700 with photoelectric barrier) 1160 (1100 with photoelectric barrier) 760 (700 with photoelectric barrier) 1160 (1100 with photoelectric barrier) 760 (700 with photoelectric barrier)
Cross section mm (WxH) 210 x 235 210 x 235 250 x 235 250 x 235 360 x 235
Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm 1950 x 830 x 1240 (L 3010 with belt) 2700 x 830 x 1240 (L 3410 with belt) 1950 x 930 x 1340 (L 3010 with belt) 2725 x 930 x 1340 (L 3410 with belt) 1950 x 1170 x 1385 (L 3010 with belt)
Connection 3Ph + PE (other voltage on request) 4,5 kW (4,6 with belt) 400 V / 50 Hz 4,5 kW (4,6 with belt) 400 V / 50 Hz 7,7 kW (7,8 with belt) 400 V / 50 Hz 7,7 kW (7,8 with belt) 400 V / 50 Hz 7,7 kW (7,8 with belt) 400 V / 50 Hz
Weight (in kg) 290 (348 with belt) 330 (388 with belt) 380 (438 with belt) 430 (488 with belt) 470 (537 with belt)
Performance single blade slices/minute 250 250 250 250 250
Performance double blade slices/minute (continuous) 500 500 500 500 -
Slice thickness (mm) 0,5 - 500 0,5 - 500 0,5 - 500 0,5 - 500 0,5 - 500
Startup system yes yes yes yes yes
Return limiter yes yes yes yes yes
Cutting software yes yes yes yes yes
Distribution of remaining slice yes yes yes yes yes
Section software yes, up to 3 sections yes, up to 3 sections yes, up to 3 sections yes, up to 3 sections yes, up to 3 sections
Conveyor belt optional optional optional optional optional
Adjustable gripper optional optional yes yes yes
Reinforced drive system - - optional optional -

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