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Reliability in perfection.

The Company

"Outstanding" cutting. Strong, Hygienic, Premium. The demands of MHS on cutting machine technology. For over 30 years, MHS-Schneidetechnik GmbH has ranked among the most innovative international manufacturers with high grade cutting and portioning machines for the food industry, and the company now has one of the most comprehensive cutting technology ranges available.

Founded in Abstatt near Heilbronn in 1988, MHS initially specialised in bread slicing machinery. The demand quickly also came from the meat industry for equally high quality machinery for cutting meat and bone. With innovative ideas and top quality, MHS became a leading international manufacturer of meat and bread cutting machines for use in trade and industry sectors.

Outstanding quality, innovative technology, simple operation, extreme robustness, absolute reliability, easy cleaning, minimal maintenance, outstanding hygiene, excellent efficiency, and naturally also exceptional cutting specially tailored for professional use - MHS offers the perfect solution for every user.

The MHS range of bread cutting machines includes a variety of models that have been specially developed for different types of stores. In addition to the store machines, universal cutting machines with round blades are also built in various designs, such as the semi-industrial MHS professional round blade machine.

A milestone in the company's development was the introduction of the Compact in 2003 as the first round blade machine with the compact dimensions of a gate cutting machine.

2007 sees the development of the MHS premium. Quiet cutting with top cutting quality thanks to the circular round blade cutting. "Powerful. Hygienic. Good." - the MHS Premium is probably the most hygienic machine on the market. It sets standards when it comes to hygiene, safety, cleaning and component accessibility.

Oil-free, quiet - MHS premium touch. In 2018, the innovation leader develops the MHS premium touch - the first bread cutting machine with customised front décor and touch display.

Faster, enhanced aesthetic - MHS integral touch. In 2020, the range is complemented by the newly developed MHS integral touch - an under-the-counter bread cutting machine with ergonomic operation and patented drawer-like function, which was awarded the DBZ Trophy 2020. A cutting machine that can make itself invisible! The MHS integral touch requires no cut-out in the counter-top, meaning that the work surface always remains fully intact. Thanks to its unique drawer concept, the machine can be completely integrated beneath all standard sales counters without a requirement for permanent installation - but nonetheless with full functionality, flexibility and easy cleaning.

With a cutting speed of 220 slices per minute, the machine cuts very quickly and is one of the fastest under-counter bread cutting machines on the market. Customer orientation is a particular focus with this machine, because visual contact with the customer is retained and the full display remains in view.