Outstanding cutting

MHS is a winner of the DBZ trophy at südback 2019
On Saturday, the expert jury of the Inger publishing house, consisting of Prof. em. Dr. Dr. e.h. Friedrich Meuser, BGN expert Siegfried Döbler, publisher Trond Patzphal, Inger managing director Henning Tau, ‘Backjournal’ baking industry trade magazine editor-in-chief Dirk Waclawek and trade editor Stefan Schütter, had all the submitted innovations demonstrated and explained in detail at the trade fair. On Sunday the certificates were presented to the lucky winners.


The Integral II from MHS
Thanks to a pull-out drawer, the new circular blade bread slicer can be integrated under the counter to save space without being permanently installed there. The operator only has to insert and remove the bread, the rest is done by the machine. A section on the counter surface is no longer necessary. A special feature is the ergonomic insertion position for the operator during cutting. Cumbersome bending or reaching in deep is not necessary!